The Class of 2009 Scholarship covers tuition, books, and school supplies for a TAP alumnus who requires a full financial aid package to complete his high school education at The Heights beginning in the fall of 2019, the 10th anniversary of the graduation of the Class of 2009 and the 50th anniversary of The Heights itself. The current 2009 Scholar has already completed his freshman year at The Heights, so the Scholarship will cover the entire cost of his remaining three years of high school.

The Scholarship seeks to raise a total of $90,000 in commitments over the course of the next three years, such that the Scholarship will pay each year's academic expenses in advance. Any additional funds raised will go toward sponsoring the student's Crescite Week travel (for an international trip junior or senior year) and extracurricular athletic, musical, and artistic pursuits. 

We are proud and grateful that the Scholarship surpassed its first-year fundraising goal of $30,000 in commitments during the 2018 calendar year. Our current goal is to reach the $90,000 total cost of three years of high school education at The Heights by the end of the 2019 calendar year. This will cover the student's tuition, fees, books, and school supplies for 2019-2020, 2020-2021, and 2021-2022. The Class of 2009 will seek 100% class participation in the Scholarship's funding and welcomes donations from any and all members of the Heights community. 

Various members of the Class of 2009 have already provided their names and contact information to the 2009 Scholar to serve as resources during his high school and eventually college career.

For any questions and concerns regarding the Class of 2009 Alumni Scholarship, please contact the Scholarship's Founding Director, Nicolás Lulli '09:



Paid: $62,376.00
Pledged: $7,335.00
Total: $69,711.00

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If you have any questions or concerns about giving to The Heights, please contact:

Jimmy Callahan, ‘06
Director of Alumni Relations
(301) 365-4300 ext. 162